Corporate Information

Martinez and Staneck combines the power of technology with the passion for continuous innovation. Both premises gave support to the creation of the company in 1982, which is constantly developing new implements, agricultural machinery and machine parts.
Martinez & Staneck want to help producers to increase production levels in their own countries, provide technological and hight quality solutions to more than 25 markets where it´s already operating.

In 1993 our company developed the system of wet grain bagging, created by one of our directors; in 1997 we pioneered in our country to introduce the method of dry grain bagging. Since then, we are continuously improving the technique of both.

Our latest creation, the dry grain bagger, Silograin zero energy, was innovative in the world agricultural market, because to its operation isn´t necessary to use additional equipment such as a tractor or outboard motors, so it helps minimizing the energy intake and reduce the environmental impact.