Stationary grain crusher M&S-699- Simple mill (without auger, motors and electric installation)

Working capacity 30/35 tons/hour
Hopper capacity: 850 liters
Power requirements: 15 HP
Crushing through one mill with two differentiate rollers of 60 cm long each with manual regulation. Use manual. Doesn´t include discharge/unloading spiral conveyer, motors or electric installation.

General Features

Hopper capacity 1,564/h
Power requirements 60 HP
Working capacity 30/35 Ton/H
Tire size 235/75 R15
Storing tunnel: 5 or 6 foot diameter No
Storage tunnel 9 foot diameter No
Total lenght: 3.600 mm
Total width - 5 feet storage tunnel 2.140 mm
Total width - 6 feet storage tunnel 2.345 mm
Height with hopper 2.700 mm
PTO Shaft transmission yes
Crushing with differential rollers with manual regulation yes