Stationary grain crusher M&S-499- Simple mill (without auger, motors and electric installation)

Working capacity 20/25 tons/hour
Hopper capacity: 850 liters.
Power requirement of approx. 15 HP. Crushing with a (1) mill and two (2) rollers differential of 40 cm long, and manual regulation. Operator\'s Manual. Excluding unloading spiral conveyer, motors and electrical installation.

General Features

Hopper capacity 1,341lts.
Power requirements 45 HP
Working capacity 20/25 Ton/H
Tire size 235/75 R15 mm
Storing tunnel: 5 or 6 foot diameter No
Storage tunnel 9 foot diameter No
Total lenght: 3.600 mm
Total width - 5 feet storage tunnel 2.140 mm
Total width - 6 feet storage tunnel 2.350 mm
Height with hopper 2.700 mm
PTO Shaft transmission yes
Crushing with differential rollers with manual regulation yes