Silograin Zero Energy

Patent number AR-010974-B1

Dry grain bagging machine

A new technological development, the greatest evolution in grain bagging techniques. Martinez & Staneck S.A. (Argentina) proposes with SILOGRAIN ZERO ENERGY the most interesting solution for storing dry grains. This machine stores the grain in 9-foot diameter polyethylene bags with capacity of 220 tonnes. The system throws verifiable solutions and advantages as not only completely vacates existing silo plants thus increasing the capacity and operation, but also provides the advantage of storing grain in farm differentiate production quality. Zero energy use is ideal for save delicate seeds.

SILOGRAIN ZERO ENERGY has no spiral conveyer, which means that grain damage is almost 0% saving costs to farmers as their harvests remain intact while bagging into the polyethylene bags.

Another advantage is that the machine moves alone; Thanks its operative capacity, the machine uses only the weight of the grain (gravity) to unfold the silo without a tractor or motor.

An important feature is that farmers could keep their grain stored in their own fields until needed, so it allows a classification based on quality, so they could be directly stored with no need of previous preconditioning.
SILOGRAIN ZERO ENERGY the machine receives the dry grain directly into the hopper by gravity and passes through the tunnel into the silo-bag.

As hasn´t spiral conveyer, the seed doesn´t break. On machines with spiral conveyer the grain can break, according to the measurements made by Precop INTA is an average of 2.5% breakages having measured to 4.75%.
There´s also in Silograin zero energy an increase in the capacity of the bag filling 10-12% relative lowering costs plastic cereal cubic meter. This system saves time, the filling rate is verifiable, helps protect the environment because it saves energy by not using tractor and takes less poly bags for their compactness

Fermentation in the bag:

The silo storage system creates an environment-tight bags inside the bag (without exchange of outdoor air) in which the concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen concentration decreases. The silo-bag is a physical hurdle to the entry of insects, so if the grain is free of infestation; it´s possible to maintained in this condition throughout the storage period without the need for pesticides.
Inside the bag occurs aerobic fermentation, also a catabolic process of incomplete oxidation, completely anaerobic, having as end product an organic compound.

Grain Storage Solutions:

Conservation of the grain beading is optimal, it doesn´t require insecticide treatments, classified in many parts as needed, to identified more easily the production quality; independent-harvest availability of trucks, only a machine can hold cereal produced for 5 or 6 combines. This improves absolutely the marketing conditions and the producer is the owner of their seeds because he stores it in their own field.


Silograin Zero Energy hasn´t spiral conveyer and has an exclusive disc brake system with hydraulic pump action and individual draught gauge, when the grain login the bagging tunnel; their gravity pushing the machine goes forward and stops according to the need, slows down as needed, in turn, this displacement of the seeds within the bag allows gradual unfolding of this, without needing any type of tractor or any engine.

General Features

Working capacity continuos flow
Working Height 3.100 mm
Working Width 3.090 mm
Working Length 5.700 mm
Transporting Height 3.050 mm
Transporting Width 2.890 mm
Transporting Length 4.900 mm
Front Tire 6.50 - 16 RA Superguide
Rear Tire 31 x 10.5 R15
Bag 9 foot
Bagging Any type of dry grain