Silage Maker of Forage M&S with grass accesory - 5 and 6 feet

The silage maker of forage (forage bagger) is the best alternative for the Livestock Industry and Diary industries.
This revolutionary forage machine allows farmers to build up stocks of feed of great quality for meat, milk, poultry and pork production efficiently and safely.This way producers can keep forage availability all year.
The silage maker of forage bags and stores silage of high moisture content into silo-bags for its better anaerobic fermentation and causing therefore less waste. For this purpose the silage maker of forage receives the finely chopped pasture in the grass accessory from the discharge side of the forage wagon.

The forage falls into the spiral conveyer that pushes into the tunnel bagging. From this place the forage is distributed and compacted at high pressure to take off air, allowing an anaerobic fermentation which ensures the forage conservation in an acid environment, keeping its energetic value and preventing the proliferation of fungi and bacteria which deteriorate the undesirable food quality.

The obtained food is of great quality and high energetic value compared to any other forage conservation system.

The predigested food obtained is of high quality, high-energy and important for the increasing for production of meat and milk.
The silage maker of forage allows alternative forages such as maize, sorghum or sugar cane finely chopped whole plant. Inclusive pastures, the only machine of its kind able to ensure excellent quality of sausage in lucerne.

Pastures such as alfalfa can be stored with our machine which ensures an excellent quality.
Undoubtedly, that´s the way to store cheap and high-quality pastures produced in the fields, keeping their qualities intact.

It´s definitely the way to store pastures cheap and high quality produced in the fields, keeping intact its qualities.

With the silage maker of forage may store other food of a very low cost, but of high energetic value as malt scums, maize gluten, horticulture production discards, or others by-products of the food industry.

General Features

Working capacity 15/25 Ton/h
Power requirement 50/60 HP
Tyre size 235/75 R15
Pto Shaft Transmission yes
Storing tunnel 5 or 6 foot diameter yes
5 foot silobag diameter 1.500 mm
Silobag total lenght 60 mts.
6 foot silobag diameter 1.800 mm
5 foot silobag capacity 900/1000 kg Mt. lineal
6 foot silobag capacity 1080/1200 kg Mt. lineal
Total lenght 3.600 mm
Total width- 5 foot storing tunnel 2.140 mm
Total width- 6 foot storing tunnel 2.350 mm
Height 1.700 mm