Round baler - Tuareg 155 with tires

Martínez & Staneck, in their search for physiological and nutritional quality of food for livestock, made an agreement with the Italian firm Mascar as technology transfer from their Roundbaler Tuareg, an oustanding and last technology tool. The machine cuts and rolls forage at the same; this has positive consequences stabilizing impacting ruminal function thus assuring a linear increase milk and meat production. At this point, farmers start to low costs, the machine reduces by 50% the processing of forage preserved, as in one operation the material is available directly for animal feed, avoiding in this way the cut-made roll chopped by traditional machines .
Since it isn´t necessary to have a hay mower, which demand high energy cost, reduce capital investment, operating costs in rate making, man-hour, fuel costs, depreciation and reduced environmental impact by nonrenewable energy emanations.
Another advantage is that farmers has the option to make up rolls as hay, haylage or silage according to producer strategic scheme. His speed to make up, ensures a broader view in making high quality forage reserves, holding rumen function, important for the production. The introduction of this machine on the market was important, because it´s the first and only with these features in the Argentinean market. The Roundbaler short and break fiber to 7 cm , having two choice of binding systems: mesh and wire, has 14 cutting blades and the packing density has 3 levels. It has a lubrication system, that makes that it haven´t dust. The difference between 125 and 155 Tuareg Cut is the size of the roll; the first model is 1.20 x 1.25 and the second 1.20 x 1.55, ideal for handling and transportation as a stake can form a second row. Other side, the density of the roll increased, containing 15% more material. Break to 7 or to 15 cm. pulling knives in the middle

General Features

Lenght 3.800 mm
Width 2.300 mm
Hitch Adjustable for any kind of tractor
Chamber Fix
Bale diamension

1.200 x 1.550 mm

Bale binding Rolls + Chains
Rolls number 7
Chain bars number 29
PDF 540
Teeth cutting number 14
Cutting lenght 75 mm
Minimum power absorption

67(90) Kw(CV)

Bars teeth - holder each bar 4/29
Bale density adjustment Mechanic 3 positions
Electric double twine binding yes
Ladder yes
Automatic lubrication yes
Electric Installation yes
Standard tires 11.5/80-15
Comb feeder Rotary
PTO Shaft Big Angle BT
Counter bales Mechanic