Mixer ms-10


Our exclusive mixer system consists of two spool of three spiral blades and one which does create a laminar flow working in a permanent cycle, creating therefore, a quick and uniform mix. This allows the farmer to ensure that all animals are fed in the same way and that the nutrition contains more efficient fiber, grains, core and rations or vitamin.

This system is excellent for dry rations as well for wet rations!

The benefits of using this equipment results in more balanced diets, fiber materials can be handle up to 15 cm hay, allowing the producer to be aligned with the demands of nutrition experts; getting a more efficient mixing of fibers, grains and kernels and / or vitamin components.


At the same time, the producer has the possibility to use the machine as a Forage Wagon grazing systems mechanic or making reservations as a silo, being unique in providing the world market for the production of meat or milk a tool that lowers costs of delivery / manufacture of rations. Our mixer-forage vagon is bolted by sections and not welded; this feature is unique around the world for helping farmers to get a quick and low cost solution in case of breakage.

General Features

  • Working Capacity: as a mixer 8,5m3 and as a forage vagon 11m3.
  • PTO 6 grooves, cardan shaft with protection and overcharge security fuse.
  • Reducer actioning by chains
  • Removal System with two rotors with sequencial paddles.
  • Length: 5,2 mts., With: 2,47 mts., High: 2,58 mts.
  • Superflow 400/60x15,5
  • ;Its maneuverability is very easy.