Mixer M&S 16 ultra heavy with tandem axle - road 5.00/60-22.5 Superflow

Our exclusive mixer removal system consists of a central spool of three spiral blades and two lateral mix spiral conveyer which becoming therefore in the lower power required mixer in the market; this exclusive system, compared with the conventional machines, work in a permanent cycle and not pulse as other systems that require more power in each pulse, and therefore subject to higher loads to the transmission assembly.

The benefits of using this equipment results in more balanced diets, fiber materials can be handle up to 15 cm hay, allowing the producer to be aligned with the demands of nutrition experts; getting a more efficient mixing of fibers, grains and kernels and / or vitamin components.

The advantages of using our equipments translate in a more balanced nutrition diet, as the system manages until fiber of 15 cm hay, allowing the farmer to be aligned with the nutritional expert demands reaching the most efficient fiber, grains, nucleus and or vitamin components remover.

Real remove capacity in the hopper is 89.2% against 62-75% of other conventional machines; another difference to highlight is that at the same ration, our mixer needs 25% less time.

It doesn´t produce overmixing, giving so to the farmer trustfulness that all his animals are feed in equal rations.

Our mixer is bolted and not welded! this feature is unique around the world for helping farmers to get a quick and low cost solution. For example, the floor, which is mainly the worst damaged can be changed. Our mixer can stand until 10 floor sheets changes!

General Features

Power requirement 65 HP
Road 16 x 22.5
Loading volume 14 m3

PTO 6 grooves, minimum pressure 120 kgr/cm2. Cardan shaft with protection and overcharge security fuse, reducer actionning by chains.


The mixer system allows the highest takeoff in comparison to conventional machines, this allows to work at unfavourable land conditions 1.250 mm.

Mixing It´s exclusive central arm rotor with sequencial paddles and lateral augers make this mixer to be the most effective one in the market.
Chassis Built in tubular steel of 7 mm thickness; dismountable spear system and support for placing a scale.
Unloading system

Actionning by the lateral downwards auger with unloading by gravity. Unloading door actioned hydraulicaly with open and close command, tray adjustable to feeder of any height.

Transmission system (PTO) By gears train for chain by rollers ASA 100 - ASA 120 - ASA 160. Bujes, alloy, unfriction, no wear the axles.
Cask lenght 5.000 mm
Width 2.980 mm
Loading Height 2.650 mm
Scale Optional
Weight 7.950 Kgr
Road (Optional tyres) (4) 500/45 - 22,5 Superflow
Mixing time For the same ration, our mixer does need only 25% of the time use by conventional machines.
Lubrication and Greasing Pinion, coronas and chains by oil covering. Centralized greasing bearing.
Tyre axle Equalizer axle with directionable rear tyres (without skiding and less turning angle).
Hitch Adjustabale for any type of tractor
Painting Baked
Maximum width 3.450 mm
Total lenght 6.600 mm




Our digital balance, is an excellent complement to the mixer. Its high accuracy, and robustness in all works fields , ensures a excellent performance and high accuracy in the proportions of the mixtures.



Belt Conveyor.