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Martinez & Staneck was founded in 1983 and since then has developed several agriculture machines, implements and spare parts which are essential to help farmers to increase their productivity in their own countries delivering not only high standard quality products but also solutions to approximately 25 markets across the globe.


Since 1993 our company has developed the wet corn grain bagging system which has been created by one of our Board of Directors; later in 1997 Martinez & Staneck was pioneer in launching the dry grain storage system in Argentina; further technical improvements have been made to both systems by our company since then. 


Our concept of investing in innovation and investigation for delivering improvements in the productive system chains has

Among our products you can find:


Grain Crusher for Silage making: It does optimize grain and forage storage systems giving solutions to the Livestock and Diary Industries. Farmers can build up stocks of high quality stocks of feed keeping forage available to be consumed wherever it´s needed during the year.


Silage Maker of Forage: Allows storing finely chopped forage such as maize, sorghum, soya bean, sunflower or sugar cane. Undoubtedly, is the best way to store cheap and high-quality pastures keeping their qualities intact.


Grain and Fiber Mixer: It does consume less energy due to its central rotor which does function with a continuing cycle and not with pulses as the conventional mixers. The benefits are shown in more balanced feed gaining the most efficient fiber, grain and protein components mixture.


Unrolling machine: Makes it possible to transport two rolls at the same time. This amount of hay allows to feed about between 80/100 animals keeping the farmer assured that all of them are being fed in equal rations.


Silograin Zero Energy, the greatest evolution in the dry grain bagging technique as it offers a solution of grain storing problems and the advantages are uncountable such as increasing the filling volume of the polyethylene bag in about 8-12%, reduces costs for it has no auger which creates grain damage while bagging, and it does not need a tractor to be put into functioning as the same grain weight, while entering the bag, pushes the machine forward.

Trozador de Fibra larga de alto rendimiento para MIXER MyS

Martinez & Staneck

Martinez & Staneck